Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

from the mouths of babes

Dad: Sam, what did you do today? How was school?

Sam: Good. Play friends.

Mom: What happened?

Sam: James throw dirt.

Mom: James threw dirt?

Sam: (serious) James throw dirt me. (pointing to his chest)

Mom: Then what happened after James threw dirt at you?

Sam: (big eyes). TROUBLE. James TROUBLE.

Mom: Uh-oh. Did Sam throw dirt?

Sam: No. Dirt bucket. Sam dirt bucket.

I'm not sure I believe that Sam didn't reciprocate...but at least he knows there'll be TROUBLE :) with dirt throwing.


Anne said...

Or..... Sam used the full bucket of dirt on James.

Jen said...

True. There are some holes in his story. It's tough when you only have 3-4 word sentences. :)

I know my son. I'm pretty sure the dirt throwing wasn't one sided.

Leah said...

I thought he threw the dirt bucket! Always fun to try and figure out what REALLY happened!

Amy said...

Very cryptic.

Jen said...

So I asked the teacher what happened. Apparently, Sam and James tangle quite often and James threw dirt at Sam. Sam didn't throw dirt back; he put it in the bucket. James said sorry, though.

Toddler drama. :)