Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mandi's wedding: Getting ready

In honor of Mandi & Jerry's one-month anniversary, let me welcome you to our next blogging mini-series: Mandi & Jerry's wedding. (Yeah, we're behind. That's what happens when you accept a job offer immediately after the wedding and turn your life upside down.)

Mandi was a bridesmaid at both Amy & my weddings and graciously invited us to join her young, skinny, cute friends in her bridal party. (Seriously...does she not have any fat friends? Just twin cousins with post-baby bodies? And when I mean young, I mean none of them had been to a wedding before. Young.)
Jerry and Mandi decided to pledge their undying love for each other in the oppressive Lewiston heat on a Saturday in July. In their wisdom, they decided to have a morning wedding so the heat wouldn't be too overwhelming. I thought this was a brilliant idea...until she pointed out that meant my hair appointment was at 6am.

Whatever. Bring it on. I was probably going to be up with Andie at 4am and 5am anyway.
So, Amy and I left the sleeping household under the care of Joe, Grandma Dori, and Lala, grabbed a few Starbucks' and giddily enjoyed a couple of hours of early morning beautification with Mandi and her maid of honor, Kaylee.

Oh, and let's not forget the cutest member of the entire wedding party: Miss Jolie-Poly.

Then, it was a mad rush back to the house to wrangle all the Co-op Kids into their wedding clothes, finish up make-up, and slip into our bridesmaid dresses at the last possible moment.

Stay tuned for the next installment!


Amy said...

Remember those 2 hours of having someone do our hair while we sipped coffee? Life in the lap of luxury.

I miss it.

Alison said...

Is that hair salon in Clarkston? Because I totally think I've been there....