Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, September 25, 2010

off in Lala land

Mom's always been critical of our appearance. On a recent trip to Lewiston,
Joe and I were getting ready for church.

Lala: (Looking me up and down)Is THAT what you are wearing to church? Joe,
you should have let me iron that shirt.

Me: Nevermind. We're late. Let's go.

On the way back from church, she's still griping about our clothes.

Lala: I mean, at least iron them. You're going out in public.

Me: (frustrated at this point). Mom! Joe and I are adults. We have 2 small
children. Honestly, this is as good as it's gonna get. We know what we look
like and have obviously decided we're okay with that. We manage to get
ourselves dressed and to work every day without your help. Leave it alone!
So, unless there's blood on our clothes or something, I don't want to hear
about it any more.

Lala: (pauses). Well, there IS blood on your clothes.

Me: Oh.


Amy said...

Sometimes she's right, you know.

cynthia said...

So I've been blog stalking you for a very long time...since before Teenie & you were even related. You probably know my mom was Lala as well. I think there is something in the name Lala. They are freakin' all alike! That conversation could have been one that my mom and I had. But I gotta tell you, I cracked up when I read that it started before church and continued after church. There's something to be said about being judged at church. Really??? God doesn't care if you're pressed or wrinkled!

Alison said...

Growing up, we were forbidden from buying any clothes that required ironing. Now I take great delight in buying whatever clothes I want -- EVEN if it requires ironing. And you know what, my mom STILL comments on how I shouldn't buy something if it requires ironing. I think that's why she buys most of her clothes at Costco. I can't imagine anything from there requires ironing!

Anne said...

Alison, I believe I was always a few pews back from you.. with my mom wondering how the heck I got out of the house, into the car and before the eyes of God with wrinkles, before she got to them with the iron. :)

Anonymous said...

oh girls.. remember it is a generation gap. How your kids look is a reflection on the parent or spouse. No, I am not June Cleaver (sp?). Far from it...I just had the "thing" about wrinkled stuff. Maybe it was because I had to iron my dad's dress shirts and white physician coats. ha.ha.. I love all your comments. Really, God does not care... He takes delight that you worship HIM. That is what matters. Cynthia, I would love to meet your mom (Lala) and Anne, I already know and like your mom! Jen, we should put it in writing that I was right (about the blood on your shirt). :)