Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, October 24, 2010

and that's the news from Casa Kaufman

The blog has been sorely neglected. Why?

My last day of work is in 4 days.
We're moving in 4 days.
Joe's PE (professional engineer) exam is in 5 days.
My first day of work is in 7 days.

Our house is a crazy mess of boxes, laundry and last minute items that need packed but I can't bear to do without for 4 days.

Feeling excited, overwhelmed, and tired.

Keep us in your prayers. If all goes smoothly, we'll be back blogging again soon. If not, it may be a week or two.

And that's the news from Casa Kaufman, where the dad studies, the mom packs, and the above-average children wonder where all their toys and books went.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eating strike...OVER

Last week, Andie was on an eating strike. Drinking 3 oz of formula a day. Nursing for a nanosecond. Eating a half a jar of baby food...and only under protest.

Nights were no fun either. Not that they ever are, but they got worse. I didn't think it was possible.
I took her to the orthopedist who deemed her leg to be healing well. I took her to the ear infection, no pneumonia, nothing. I think they both thought I was crazy.
Finally, it's over. As quickly as it started, it's over.
Now, she is eating everything in sight. Nursing like a champ. Even took a bottle from her mother (never, ever happened before).

And, she's excited about it eating and you can't shovel it in fast enough.

Monday, October 18, 2010

8 month bear pictures

Dear Andie,
You are eight months old and time is flying by. You are rockin' and rollin'...crawling after anything you want and your bum leg has not slowed you down one bit.
The honeymoon with brother is over; he doesn't think you are quite as awesome now that you can steal his toys. But you are still in love with him and giggle and grin whenever you see him.
Sleep continues to elude us. Are you ever going to sleep? Ever? You like to rub your eyes and lay your head on my shoulder in the sweetest way, luring me into thinking you're about to fall asleep and then...BAM! you don't sleep.
You have TEETH! Four on top, two on bottom. They are super cute when you grin or shriek. Not so cute when you try them out while nursing.

I love you, baby girl, even if you don't sleep.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

big boy

Poor Sam hears it all the time.

"Big boys sit on their bottoms."

"Big boys pee on the potty."

"Big boys use their forks."

Today, after feeding the geese, he turned it around on us:
"Gooses eat bread. Big boys eat ice creams."

Can't argue with that, so we headed to Baskin-Robbins.

Big boys also get haircuts; did you notice his hair's not in his eyes?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What does a pumpkin say?

Joe tried to get Sam to slow down long enough for me to snap a picture. It was no easy feat. Finally, he told Sam, "Put your head on the pumpkin. Listen. What does it say?"

He listened.What does a pumpkin say?

"Harpy eagle!"
Thank you, Diego, for teaching us so many new animals.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Some moms have a baby-Bjorn or other baby-carrier. I have this.
Much more efficient...
...and easy on the eyes.
Although, sometimes, even my baby-carrier gets tired. So, 19 1/2lb baby got a little ride in the wagon.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Corn maze opens today!

Hey all you Lewiston-ians! Don't forget to check out the Clearwater Corn Maze. It opens today, near the Round Up Grounds.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

a train

A pumpkin patch. A hay-bale maze. A train. Could you ask for anything more?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

little Pumpkins

Joe took last Friday afternoon off and we headed out to the pumpkin patch. We're having an Indian summer, which was a nice change from last year. Both Sam and Andie had a good time, although Sam was a touch more exuberant (read: running around like a maniac) than Andie. (This is what happens when you don't nap, sister.) But she was a happy drowsy girl, which is pretty sweet.
This made for a hard combo to take pictures. Sam was too busy to smile, Andie too tired. But, we tried our best. Stay tuned...this week's blogging is all pumpkin pictures.

Monday, October 04, 2010

confessions of a slacker mom

Some people are smart enough to learn from other people's mistakes; others just have to make their own.

I guess I fall into the latter group.

In my sleep-deprived brilliance, I decided to give co-sleeping a try. Several smart parents I know have had success (and sleep!) with this approach. So, during naptime on Saturday, Joe put Sam down for a nap and I took Andie to bed with me.

Unfortunately, I finally got Andie to sleep and Sam started yelling from his crib. Afraid he would wake up my over-tired daughter, I stacked some pillows around Andie as a barricade, shut the door, and whisked Sam downstairs for some Diego time.

About the time Diego was rescuing his chinchilla or macaw or koala bear, I heard a crash...and then crying. Feeling sick to my stomach, I ran upstairs to find Andie on the floor at the foot of the bed. She cried for about 30 minutes straight and while I couldn't see anything wrong with her, she wouldn't nurse or be comforted with rocking, so I called Joe to come home. After she finally fell asleep for a much-needed nap, she was still crying off and on, so I took her to urgent care.

The PA at urgent care told me that she seemed okay but to come back on Sunday if she was still crying.

Sunday, Andie wouldn't stand on her left leg and cried whenever we tried to change her diaper. She didn't suck on her toes on her left leg or try to roll around. So, we headed in to her pediatrician's office that afternoon for a second opinion.

A few x-rays later we found the problem: a fractured femur.

Fractured femurs aren't common in 7 month olds. So...lots of xrays were taken to make sure nothing else was broken.

And, a CPS referral was started.

Both Mom and baby were in tears by the end of this process.

Fortunately, the radiologist thought my story fit with her xrays and the CPS worker felt further investigation was unnecessary.

We saw the orthopedist today who thinks she must have landed on her left knee, creating a "wrinkle or crease" in her femur. It's not a big break...not even really a true he thinks she'll heal up in about 2 weeks without a cast or splint. He also told me he has 4 kids and things like this happen all the time..."but don't let her fall off a high surface again." Okay, okay. Point taken.

Lesson learned: No amount of sleep is worth this trauma.

So, today, I put my bad-sleepin' baby to nap in her crib...

...with a bottle.

(We'll fight that battle another day).

Sunday, October 03, 2010

James strikes again

Joe's been studying for his PE (that's Professional Engineering) exam and
staying late for some extra study sessions, so I've been picking up the kids
from daycare.

I took Andie out to the playground and called for Sam. Sam and another
little boy came running over.

Sam: Hi, Mama! Hi, Andie! (he starts making little cooing noises at Andie)
Little Boy starts cooing at Andie, too, and touches her head.

Sam immediately pushes Little Boy, gives him a dirty look and says, "Mine
sister. No no."

Jen: It's okay. We can share our sister. He was being nice.

Sam: No. Mine sister.

Jen: Okay. Say good bye to your friend. What's his name?

Sam: James. (giving him a dirty look)

Friday, October 01, 2010

marriage preparation

Joe and I love marriage ministry and took over our church's program a year and a half ago. This is our last session before our move and we taught our class last Wednesday. It was a great group, who were both funny and insightful, and we all had a fun time.

During part of the class, we give the couples questions to write about separately and then discuss together as a couple. The last question:

Why do I want to marry him or her?

Eight years ago, Joe and I answered this question in beautiful betrothal letters that made both of us cry.

This year (we blame it on lack of sleep and a few glasses of red wine), we came up with some answers that we hoped we wouldn't see on couples' responses.

  • Reminds me of my mother.
  • Smells better than most men.
  • Hot in the sack.
  • For his money.
  • Folds laundry with Prussian precision.
  • Our Zodiac signs are compatible.
  • Was the only one who said "Yes".
  • I like his last name.
Feel free to add to our list in your comments; we shared this with our class at the end as a funny way to wrap-up and they thought it was so hilarious; we'll probably use it again.