Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, November 26, 2010


Last weekend, we took a trip up to see Team Eddy and the Jacksons. Because the Eddys live in a teeny-tiny house, we opted to invade the Jacksons' super spacious and fun house in CDA for the day. There are tons of toys, balls, and, best of whisperers.

The Middles and Big are pretty obsessed with Aunt Sydney, a quiet, fun 6th grader, who likes to play least when the Middles and Big are around.

But, Andie finally found a friend...Aunt Hails.

I remember when the next generation of babies was introduced to Aunt Hails. She would awkwardly hold them for two seconds and then hand them back. Now, though, we call her the baby whisperer.

In an effort to drink coffee in peace, I handed off Andie to Hailey and cringed, waiting for Andie's usual protest.



I opened my eye a teeny-tiny bit; she was smiling!

Now, you know how, er, particular Andie is about all things in life. This includes who holds her.

List of people Andie likes:
1. Papa Kaufman
2. Aunt Hailey
3. Mom
4. long as she gives Andie a bottle in the middle of the night and Andie is well rested. (Don't worry, Lala. I really, really like you!).

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Team Eddy said...

Excuse me, but did you forget Uncle Kevin and Ninang? Hello!?!