Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, November 07, 2010

a night with Baby Ben

Problem: All the farming Kaufmans were going to a dinner meeting on Friday. This meant that Grandma Kaufman, the usual sitter, wouldn't be able to watch Baby Ben so Christina and Steve could attend the dinner meeting.

Solution: Ben came to visit us for a few hours. Gotta love livin' close to family again and sharing baby-wrangling duties. We were more than happy to add Ben to our bedtime brood for a few hours. Honestly, the kid is no trouble as long as you keep him fed. He and Andie had a fabulous time growling at each other until bedtime. Then we got all 3 kids to bed and Joe and I had a date-night-in, catching up on Glee episodes. (Ben watched a few with us when he decided thanks, but no thanks, he'd rather NOT sleep in weird bed without his mama and daddy).

Looking forward to more cousin time in the near future. And, Grandma K graciously offered to watch Sam and Andie with Lala the following night so Joe and I could get a real date night out before he left for Idaho Falls.

Everybody wins. :)

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