Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, November 04, 2010

we made it!

This is what the last week looked like:

Worked half a day last Thursday and had a wonderful good-bye lunch at work.
Hurriedly went home and loaded the trailer with Joe.
Picked up the kids from daycare and said some tearful good-byes (especially Andie's teacher, Devan, who hugged Andie all day long).
Headed to Boise to Aunt Teenie's parents' house, where her sister Elizabeth and husband Curtis, had some delicious chili and cornbread waiting.
Joe spent the night at a hotel to rest up before his big test and I braved the night with the kiddos at the Waldons. (Seriously, if you ever have to stay in Boise, hunt down the Waldons. Beg them to let you stay at their house. They are wonderful).

In the morning, Paul (Teenie's dad) helped me wrangle both the kids and the cogs into the car. (Yes, it was a very, very full Honda Civic. I would not recommend it). We drove to Lewiston.
Team Eddy and Lala were waiting for us.
Joe arrived in Lewiston late that night after an 8 hour test.

Kaufmans arrive to unload the trailer and wrangle kids.
Between Lala, Team Eddy, and the Kaufmans, we get our trailer unloaded and all of our boxes unpacked. It's a miracle!

It's Halloween (more on that later).

First day on the job. Crazy, crazy busy.
Kids to new daycare.
Mom Kaufman takes pity on us and feeds us all dinner.

TUESDAY (election day)
Mom's Friend Dan wins the election for Port Commissioner.
Mom Kaufman takes pity on us and feeds us all dinner.

Work. Kids' first full day of daycare.

Andie's 9 month well child check. Oops--she has a double ear infection that her neglectful parents did not even notice.
Mom Kaufman takes pity on us and feeds us all dinner.

Ah. I finally feel like we can catch our breath. We are so thankful to be close to family again and appreciate everyone's help in making our journey home successful. The kiddos are adjusting to their new home and "school" and I am adjusting to my new job. We continue to feel the blessings of our family around us.

Next week, we'll have to adjust to life without Joe...but I'm not ready to face that just yet.


Deanna said...

That Boise connection would have been good to know last spring. I still have nightmares about all those hours in the Boise airport.

Is Joe still in L'town?

Jen said...

Till Sunday...

Becca said...

You guys made it! I'm so happy that now life will get more normal for the next few weeks :)

cynthia said...

The welcome mat is always out in Boise for you, your family & your friends. Come again!

thejorgensens said...

WOW! Way to go friend! Blessings in your direction!