Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

wrestling buddies

I shot these pictures our last week in Idaho Falls. Sam prefers Mama for a lot of things: diaper changing, bathtime, getting dressed. But, Dad is the number one choice for wrestle-mania.

(That's okay. I prefer it that way. I got a bloody lip one time when Joe was on a business trip and Sam attempted to roughhouse with me. Thanks, but no thanks).

As Sam's wrestling moves get, advanced (thanks, TumbleBus), the potential for injury increases. Sometimes, I just can't even watch.

Shortly after this picture, Joe had to shoot his arm out to grab Sam and stop him from landing on his head. Amazing.
Probably the sexiest thing I've seen my husband do, saving my baby like that. :)
(Yes, priorities shift once kids enter the picture).

But, this is my favorite part of wrestle-mania right here:


Amy said...

Our lives used to be so tame before kids, didn't they?

(Ha! My word verification is "rambo".)

Anonymous said...

Joe is such a good dad... we miss him...