Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, December 04, 2010

An Ill-Fated Date: The Hospital

Sam got checked in and changed in to hospital jammies while I changed into scrubs. Then, we waited and waited and waited. We watched TV. We played hide and seek in the hallways. We waited. We cried for chocolate milk (mainly, Sam…but his parents were pretty sad and hungry, too). We waited.

Finally, the orthopedist showed up. He’d been delayed in another surgery. I carried Sam back to the OR, where he put on the mask like a champ and was out in no time. Then, I hightailed it back to Sam’s room. I didn’t want to be anywhere near that room when they started popping bones into place.

Five minutes later, Sam was in recovery. Crying. Disoriented. But, doing well. I carried him back to his room where he wrestled the nurse who was trying to take his blood pressure. Finally, I told my anesthesia-crazy toddler he had to have his blood pressure taken before he could go home. Click. He stopped crying and held still. I was super impressed and proud of my boy. To have that sort of self-control as a toddler--let alone a toddler who was recently under anesthesia--is just not that common.

We were home by 10pm. Sam had some chocolate milk and Tylenol with Codeine. Mom and Dad ate. We all watched a little ToyStory 3 and then headed to bed.

Sam’s been staying home with Grandma Kaufman the last few days so she can ice his arm and watch for swelling. He has a check up next week for a possible cast. (It’s still splinted right now because it’s pretty swollen after the reduction).

Joe’s coming up for his birthday next week. We’re all hoping for a dull, boring time. I’m not making any plans. Dull and boring sounds pretty stinkin’ nice.

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Rae said...

what an epic...glad sam is on the mend, and that Lala can watch out for him. I think your blog posts are definitely starting to live up to its title...

hmm time for a name change?

hoping you and joe get some alone time next visit!