Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, December 17, 2010

a snowy day at the Poxleitners'

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we headed up to the snowy prairie. The Poxleitners had invited us up for some delicious lasagna and good visiting. The food was delicious and we enjoyed the time to catch up and relax while their wonderful children (and Uncle Phil) wrangled our kids.

We'd planned to do some sledding or cross country skiing, but it was snowing quite heavily and Sam was having such a good time playing with "MO-gan" that he didn't want to go outside. (That's never, ever happened before...Sam NOT wanting to go outside). So, we sat around and chatted and ate some pie.

It's a rough life.

Then, it kept snowing.

And, kept snowing.

So, we decided we had to cut our visit a little short and head home. We'd only brought the Civic and it was getting to be a little sketchy as to whether we could get out of the drive way or not. Fortunately, Brian and Glenn were on the standby to push us out if needed.

Joe's a super snow driver and we had no problems. But, it did take us 2 hours to make the (usually 45 minute) drive back to Lewiston. Our exhausted kids slept most of the way and Joe and I got a little bit of grown-up conversation time (always a treasure).


ChristinaLynn said...

Glad you guys had so much fun! Sad we had to miss it, but we can't wait for the Poxleitner Christmas party! Sledding, anyone?

Vueling said...

Beautiful blog, Congratulations!!!