Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, January 14, 2011


This post starts the way all good posts do...with cake.

Heather, Dori & Fred's goddaughter, married her longtime sweetheart, Michael, New Year's Day. What a way to start the new year! (Actually, this is the same way I started last New Year, wasn't it?)

That's good...there's nothing I like better than going to a wedding with my husband. I get to hold his hand and watch a new couple pledge their lives to each other. I get all misty-eyed; Joe pats my leg. It never gets old. Weddings are so much sweeter now that I'm married. They make me remember our wedding day and feel blessed with all the craziness that has happened since. (It helped that the major part of our life's craziness--Sam & Andie--stayed home with Lala. It's much easier to reminisce and get all philosophical about marriage and family life when you're not digging toys out of a diaper bag and hissing, "Use your church voice!" through clenched teeth.)

Here's the lovely bride and her dad.

And the groom with the bride's mom.

And the bride and her lovely godparents.
And the godparents, letting their hair down.
Ben thought her flowers were pretty fabulous. (Red roses with sparklies in the middles...I thought they were pretty fabulous myself).
Jeff and me. One of us is drinking apple cider; can you guess who? :)
Bonus points if anyone can identify the bearded groomsman with glasses. I will mail the first person a prize if they can do it within 48 hours of this post.

Husband and me. No goobers. No spit-up. We do clean up pretty nice, I think.
And Steve & Christina on (almost) their first anniversary with their adorable baby, Ben. Ben behaved like the baby most newlyweds dream aboutas they imagine their future family: happy, smiley and sociable--even through naptime. When he was tired, he took a quick snooze on his mama, but never fussed or got grumpy. I think a dozen old ladies stopped by our table to coo over Ben and tell us what a good baby he was. (I was sort of glad we didn't bring Andie for a comparison. I love that sassy girl, but I'm pretty sure that no old ladies would have been complimenting us on her good behavior.)


The Chase Family said...

I totally agree! I love a good wedding! I have not been in a while! I can't believe it! That is Jeff!!! Crazy! You two still do make the perfect couple.....and STILL have had the best wedding I have been too yet!!!

Laura said...

You guys clean up so well. What a pretty dress, Jen.

Isn't the bearded groomsman Eric, Kevin's brother?

Deanna said...

I was gonna guess Kevin's brother too. (I like the sneaky way to get comments too!)

Jen said...


Grumpy said...

Bearded groomsman with glasses . . . hmmm . . . who IS that handsome devil?