Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bienvenidos a Miami

One of the perks of my job is the requirement for continuing medical education. In combining business with pleasure, I try to pick a conference that is held some place warm and sneak away with Joe sans kids. (Ok, once, I picked a cold spot, but have never made that particular mistake again). Thanks, Team Eddy, for wrangling our children...again.

Our hotel

So, last week, I dropped Andie & Sam off at Team Eddy's and caught a flight to Miami (via Salt Lake City, where I picked up my Idaho-Falls'-livin' hubby on the way). It was a quick trip: a day to fly there, two days of conference, a day to fly back. It doesn't leave much time for lingering on the, instead, we ate our way through Miami.

Joe and I en route to Miami

Night #1, we decided to eat at local favorite, Joe's Stone Crab. (I kept calling it Joe's Crab Shack and was quickly informed that was an entirely different place all together). We worked up quite an appetite getting there, considering we walked ten blocks in the wrong direction, walked back, and then had to walk another 16 blocks to get to dinner. My cute ballet flats proved not to be up to the challenge and we had to stop at two Walgreen's (for blister bandaids) and a pizza place before we finally made it to dinner. It was worth it.

Slice of pizza to go!

Later, we decided we would walk around the mall. Joe treated me to a gelato, which always perks up my spirits after hours of walking around a new city (can I get an "amen" from the Kaufman brothers?).

Night #2, we were craving Cuban food and ate at Lario's. It was a wonderful evening. We walked along the beach to the restaurant. I wore heels, of course, and quickly gave them up in the sand. When I slipped them back on on the street, a concerned woman asked if I needed bandaids for my blisters, being a "fellow heel wearer" herself. Too nice!

The food and wine were good, but the company was even better. (I'll be so glad when I don't have to fly to Miami to spend a weekend with Joe!)


Deanna said...

So jealous! Of your trip, the time sans kids with hubby, and the way you look in that adorable black dress. I wanna borrow!

wendi DRAKE said...

love these pics! we were there last year in february and loved it - and your dress is super cute!

Dick & Jackie Driver said...

Great for you! And, Dick did update our blog last night!

The Chase Family said...

I second loving the little black dress! Glad you got away with the hubby!!

Steve K. said...

"Amen" gelato of course! When are we going back to Europe?

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I love gelato and am ready to go back to Europe with you guys anytime!