Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, January 17, 2011

the Sandman Chronicles

Life as a single mom has been challenging, even with the help of my own dear mother getting up once (sometimes twice) a night with my bad-sleepin' baby.

So, when Joe arrived for his 10 day visit over Christmas, we had a mission: get Daughter to sleep through the night.

All of our attempts had failed miserably so far. Daughter has a lot of stamina to cry. And Mom doesn't have so much stamina to take it. (And when I say stamina, I mean she can cry for four hours without batting an eye). My philosophy: give her a bottle already and let's get some sleep! Who cares about ear infections and baby-bottle cavities? I need some sleep!

Unfortunately, this philosophy was not really working out for us.

So, during Poxleitner-palooza, I picked Glenn & Loretta's brains about sleep-training. Their youngest, Morgan, is a fine upstanding citizen now (and founding member of the Phil Kaufman fan club), but he, too, was once a bad-sleepin' baby.

So, using the Poxleitner method of sleep training, we have gotten Andie down awakening once a night...sometimes sleeping through until 6:15am!

The method:
  • I'd been diluting her formula at night so she'd get less calories at night and eat more in the daytime for several weeks.
  • During sleep-training, Joe would go in and bounce her, pat her, rock her, sing to her--whatever it took to calm her down--and then put her back in her crib, sleepy but awake.
  • We had a few nights where she cried for a few 90 minute stretches. Those were not so fun.
  • Later in the week, I took a few turns of bouncing, etc.
  • Five days later, she slept 12 hours in a row.
  • Ten days later, she is sleeping 10 hours or more consistently.

My life is changed. I have hope. I have time to do laundry...and blog...and shower more regularly. I have even started exercising. It's a Christmas miracle.


Leah said...

Thank goodness!!! so happy you have some time for you and some sleep!

Deanna said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you! Could life get any better?

The Chase Family said...

Doing a happy dance (again) for you! I myself just had a three week stretch of two kids up twice a night for various reasons. Last night they didn't even stir and when I woke up I remembered how great sleep was! I am sorry we couldn't be of any more assistance when you asked us. All our kids slept good from six weeks up. Breastfeeding in the same bed helped me, my kids always went back to sleep and we would just put them in bed.
But its nice to know you found something that works!!!! Yeah!

thejorgensens said...

Yeah for you… now could you send some of the love this way?!! :)
I really like the idea of diluting the nightly fluids… that seems to be our biggest challenge.

Loretta Poxleitner said...

Yippee!! I KNOW how hard it is to have a baby who won't sleep through the night. So happy for you!