Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catechism Chaos

After reading the Ten Commandments (in kid-friendly language):

Teacher: What are some rules at your house?
Sam's hand shoots in the air.
Teacher: Yes?
Sam: Not to poop on the floor.
Teacher: Oh. (pauses) Anyone else have rules?

Really? That's the rule he comes up with? Not "act kindly"? Not "pick up my toys"?

"Not to poop on the floor"?!?

Well, I suppose it is a good rule to have.


ran shae said...

ha ha! oh the things they say! i recently took my kids to a "safe bodies" seminar and training, and in the presence of all the other parents, police, and our equivalent of CPS who were present, my son is the first to throw his hand in the air to give an example of "owie touch". he says "when your parrot bites you", only it sounded to everyone like "when your parent bites you"! i thought he was going to be taken from me on the spot!!

Grumpy said...

Great story, Jen, but only a few adults get to witness those jewels from the little tykes.

Not so at Congo Pres, where the children's sermon is part of the main church service . . . and such memorable jewels are shared with the entire congregation. Who could ever forget the Sunday morning that John Williams wrapped up the bible story by asking the little kids, "So, how do you help your parents?", to which Charlie Peterson proudly replied, directly into the microphone, "I bring my Mom the beer and I bring my Dad the beer."

Laura said...

LOVE this story, Jen! Oh Sam, never a dull moment with you around, I imagine :)