Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

dear Andie

Dear Andie,

Happy birthday, sis! I can't believe a year has flown by already. A year ago, we were in the hospital, anxiously awaiting your arrival. And, I couldn't believe that your dad and I had a daughter.

This year, I have been reveling in the joy of having you as a daughter. You are delightful, exuberant little girl. You have your Grandma's wide smile and your Lala's...well, what we like to call "Natalie sass". You are crazy about your Blankie, bottle, and cell phones. Seeing any of the above items, even from across the room, will incite a persistent shriek until the object is surrendered to you. You love exploring toy bins and dumping out purses. As soon as you could sit up, you could entertain yourself by emptying kitchen cabinets, boxes, and drawers. We love your strong personality and are constantly amazed at how many preferences you can express at such a young age. You either LOVE or HATE it. There is no middle ground.

That doesn't make life easy and it certainly doesn't make life boring. When you get your mind set on something, there's no changing it. You shriek and yell until we give you whatever you want. You are already well-versed in the two-year-old tantrums your brother occasionally has. Lala has given us multiple warnings about you and your teenage years ahead. Grandma tells us that it's good for a girl to have a strong-mind.

You are an excellent snuggler. Excellent. Probably the best baby I have ever snuggled. If we hold you with Blankie, it gets even better. I don't think there is a better feeling in the world than to have your fat, cuddly body snuggled up next to mine, your head laying on my shoulder. Sometimes, your chubby hand pats my face and it is so, so sweet. And you are sleeping better...thank you.

Baby-girl, you are the best surprise of my life. It's been an adventure of a year and Dad and I look forward to the adventures ahead. We love you so much and our life is so much richer with you in it.

Happy birthday.




Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Andie!
You are such a blessing to all of your extended family. I dearly love each one of my boys, but we also needed the special things that a happy girl can bring to wherever she is. Your enthusiastic smile warms the room. When you lay your head so trustingly on my shoulder, I am thankful you are not instantly ready to move and go. And all the pretty clothes have been fun. I am eager to spend more time with you now that your family has moved to L-Town. Natalie Doris, may God bless and guide your steps as you continue to grow. Happy Birthday!
Love, Grandma Kaufman

Laura said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Andie! Miss those cheeks :)

dennlean said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!
Love, LeAnne

Loretta Poxleitner said...

Hope it was an especially fabulous day, Miss Andie! We need to kiss those chubby cheeks again soon!
Love, The Poxleitners

Anonymous said...

lala said.. Happy birthday, sweet girl! Life will only get sweeter and sassier from here on. Even before you can talk, you sure know how to get what you want.... you go for it. You love peek-a-boos as much as you love your shoes (just like your mama)! I love you, Andie girl!

Rae said...

What a sweet b-day letter! And happy belated birthday. A year goes by just too fast.