Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, February 05, 2011

the Sandman Chronicles: the great blankie swap

We finally got Andie sleeping through the night (thank God!...and the Poxleitners) and Sam started waking up all the time because his Blankie kept falling off his body. It's the same Blankie he has treasured since he was a baby, but it doesn't cover his big two-year-old body the same way it did when he was a wee newborn.

It seems simple enough: put a bigger blankie on the kid. Well, Boychild refused to be covered by any blanket that was not Blankie. We had about a week's worth of sleepless nights, during which I got up several times a night to recover him with his teeny-tiny blanket. And then, I devised a plan.

I took Sam's Blankie down to the fabric store and looked for matching material. Unfortunately, all they had was white, so I had to dye it to the right color. Then, ever-crafty Lala sewed the two pieces together to make a giant version of Sam's Blankie.

We put it on him in the middle of the night and when he woke up, we told him his Blankie had grown!

He's in love with his BIG Blankie.

Little Blankie was quickly dyed red and adopted as Andie's new Blankie.

And, everyone is sleeping well.


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What a brilliant idea! I'm impressed. I'm happy to hear that the plan is working.