Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, February 21, 2011

a whole new meaning to "potty-training"

Inspired by Sam's progress at daycare, we've reinitiated the potty-training process at home. He's in Pull-Ups and gets a sticker every time he "puts pee in the potty" at daycare, so we've upped the ante at home with M&Ms.

The process:
  • Sam pulls down pants & Pull-Up.
  • Pees.
  • Sam pulls up Pull-Up & pants.
  • Sam gets a potty candy.
  • Mom & Dad say "Good job" and do a potty cheer: "You put that pee in the potty! You put that pee in the potty!" with some booty shaking of our own. Sometimes, Andie claps when we say, "Yay!".
  • It's really quite a party in the bathroom these days.

Today, Sam went pee in the potty.

Mom: Now, pull up your pants and then you get a potty-candy.
Sam: No. Pull-Up first.
Mom: Right. Pull-Up. Then pants.
Sam pulls up his pants. Sam looks at both Mom & Dad expectantly. Mom hands him the candy.
Sam: No. Now you say, "Good job".
Mom & Dad (simultaneously): Good job.

Boychild has us trained.


Grumpy said...

Exactly. Did Pavlov train the dogs, or did the dogs train him?????

(( btw, congrats on the progress . . . it's a BIG step !!! ))

Anne said...

Gwen anticipates going #2 these days and insists that she receive M&Ms as a goodwill measure from the parents while sitting on the potty. Glad to see Sam has a process too!