Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flirty Thirty: flying to Phoenix

While Deanna caught her flight as scheduled, Amy and I hung out at the Spokane airport. Then we hung out some more. There is just nothing like hanging out with your twin sister, sipping your Starbucks, and chit-chatting without any interruptions. No diapers to change. No sippies to fill. No tantrums to mediate. We had nothing to do.

Well, I had nothing to do. Amy was supposed to be studying for her boards, but I put a stop to that right away.Finally, we boarded our flight and rushed off the plane, only to wait for our ala carte items in the rain. We missed our connection. After making arrangements for a new connection, we were determined not to let the change in plans ruin our fabulous vacation attitude.
So, we did what any two thirty-year-olds might do in a similar situation:
We started drinking.
I honestly can't remember the last time I've been boozy at 10:30am. (That's probably because I never have before...).We also ate a fabulous lunch with a fabulous dessert. The fabulous lunch was made a little less fabulous when we found a hair in our salad at the end of the meal, but that made our lunch free, so we were feeling fabulous again.
Drinking at 10:30am will make you feel fabulous. Did I say that already?
Then, still-a-little-boozy, we both had fabulous naps on our connection to Phoenix.


Positive Thoughts said...

See the power of positive thoughts within you.

Dick & Jackie Driver said...

I don't know about you girls--Deanna having a gin & tonic on the plane and you two with your special drinks at 10:30 am!!! I guess it's okay when on vacation... Love, Jackie