Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flirty Thirty: pretty girls

After we unpacked, we got prettied up to go out to dinner. For me, this meant slapping on some deodorant and a little make-up, wetting down my crazy hair, and changing into a cooler shirt. We set off for Olive & Ivy, which got rave reviews, and added our name to the 60 minute waitlist. We did a little browsing at a nearby Urban Outfitters, but our hunger became all-consuming and we returned to the restaurant in the hopes of getting in a little earlier.
As we waited, we soon realized that our definition of "prettied up" didn't really match Scottsdale's definition of "prettied up". Beautiful, model-thin women came in groups, with perfectly straighted hair, magazine-cover make up, and super chic dresses. We felt frumpy...well, mostly, we felt hungry...but frumpy, too.

Our frumpiness was soon forgotten when our food arrived. Our dinner was delicious. If you ever go to Scottsdale, make a reservation and go to Olive & Ivy. Yum. Good food, good wine list, good sangria. We had bacon-wrapped dates for an appetizer and I had pear-cranberry cheesecake for dessert. Amy said, "I've never seen you eat so much." I was stuffed, but oh-my! it was worth all those calories. It pretty much ended our night, though; I had to head back to the condo to sleep off my food coma.

We weren't meant to feel frumpy for long. After a day of shopping, we scheduled a spa day to have our hair and make-up done for a Flirty Thirty photo shoot. I freaked out a little when the aesthetician started putting on Amy's make-up. For a girl who doesn't wear a whole lot of make-up, I thought it was over the top and couldn't stop myself from butting in. The aesthetician, Amanda, a super cute pregnant woman, kindly told me that it wouldn't look so dramatic on film..and, basically said in a very nice way, to pipe down and watch the process unfold. She was right, of course. Her make-up looked good in the pictures.
I told Amanda I wanted to look like Halle Berry and she didn't even so much as snicker, just unfolded her make-up case and got to work. I like that girl. At the end, I asked her, "Would you seriously take medical advice from someone wearing this much eye make-up? Really?". And she said, "I would" with a smile, cleaned up her brushes, and led us out of the spa.
I stole some pictures from Stacey Kay here, to entice you all to stumble on over to her blog for some true pretty girl pictures.


Deanna said...

You forgot how good Stacey & her camera made us feel! Or those nice people on the street. Or the guy who offered to let us change in his car!

Leah said...

Amazing photos! What fun too!

Dick & Jackie Driver said...

Three beautiful young ladies! Glad you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Wauw! The three of you look beautifull

Gus and Jen said...

Love love love!

Rae said...

what a great memento of your time together--and you all look ravishing.