Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flirty Thirty

I'm back from my "Flirty Thirty" (or "Dirty Thirty", according to Tancie) trip with Amy & Deanna. Five years ago, the three of us pledged that we would celebrate our thirtieth birthday with a girls-only trip. No one could be pregnant or nursing. And, all of our wonderful husbands agreed to take care of the kiddos.

It was a fabulous 4 days of sunshine-filled girl time.
  • We talked and talked and talked.
  • We drank wine...and Carolans...and rum & Cokes. Amy & Deanna drank part of two over-priced margaritas. That's $20 bucks I'd like to have back!!! :) (Just teasing, girls).
  • We shopped for eight hours straight. Deanna got sunburned. I spent at least one of my children's college funds on a new work wardrobe, but it was sooo fun to dress my lighter, fitter body under the advice of two girls who know my style intimately. I bought some awesome can ask Amy & Deanna about it.
  • We ate. And ate. And ate. I would highly recommend Olive & Ivy to anyone in the Scotsdale area, as well as this awesome food tour.
  • We were lazy. We laid by the pool. (Well, I ran in the pool in an attempt to exercise. Advice: always wear Aquasocks. I ran the skin off my poor little feet...then I just laid by the pool). Amy studied for her boards by the pool. We slept in. We went to bed late. We watched a movie.
  • We got our make up and hair done. Then, we dressed up in our newly purchased clothes and had a photo shoot done. I felt fabulous. Sexy. Beautiful. We all did. What a way to celebrate 30 years!
  • There is something about spending some girl time in a warm, sunny place that makes me feel like a college kid. Footloose and fancy free. Goofy and light-hearted. I spent zero seconds thinking about my work worries, or my undone taxes, or whether Sam will ever be potty-trained (well, maybe I spent a little time worrying about that one). We're planning another one in 10 years. I can't wait.


Leah said...

Sounds amazing! I'm a little okay A LOT jealous :) Good for you though!

Dick & Jackie Driver said...

So glad you all got to have a great time. You deserve it!

dennlean said...

Fabulous! I'm all about girl time all the time! Glad you had such a great time you have earned it.

Laura said...

you girls are too cute! so glad you had fun.

Deanna said...

Loved your recap! And loved the trip so much. Can't wait to do it again.

Rae said...

You all look fabulous! Sounds like a fun time. Why do they sometimes call it 'dirty thirty'? I like 'flirty thirty' much better.