Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, March 25, 2011

shopping spree

I splurged on a new work wardrobe whilst on my Flirty Thirty trip, so I had no qualms about letting Joe attend a gun show with his uncle, brothers, and dad last weekend.

I was only mildly surprised when he showed up with this new rifle.
Me: Um, why did we need this rifle?
Joe: It's a deer rifle.
Me: And how is this rifle different from the other rifles we own?
Joe: Well, this one shoots deer.

I'm not really sure why one rifle can't multitask and shoot a variety of animals, but I'll accept Joe's statement as fact.


Anne said...

I feel your pain. Yet, be warned, if you talk him into a multipurpose gun, it will get a lot more spendy. That's how I ended up with my precision rifle and Eric has sold a lot of rifles for our few, very painfully expensive ones. I guess this is a bad time to check on your travel plans for the Kettle Falls match weekend? ;)

Anonymous said...

For a guy I think that having a good assortment of guns could be compared to a girls collection of shoes... Sometimes hard to explain to a significant other but still important as it improves quality of life!


Jen said...

Fair point, Phil. :)