Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, March 06, 2011

thou shall not covet thy neighbor's frozen Go-gurt

Hi. Andie here. Mom keeps frozen Go-gurts in the freezer for emergencies, like fat lips, tantrums, or post-nap crabbiness. All the Co-op Kids love them...except me. I've never really liked cold stuff. Or hot stuff. I like "just right" Baby Bear.

The other night, though, Sam whacked his face on the floor and got a big fat lip. Mom whipped out a Go-gurt and all was well.

Until I spotted it.

First, I eyed it from a distance, my mouth open in anticipation. Sam didn't even notice me coming, he was so enthralled with Backyardigans. Then, like the good big brother he is (and because my persistent shrieking was making it hard for him to concentrate on the Backyardigans), he shared a bite with me. I loved it! I made sure to push Schatzi away because she wanted some Go-gurt, too, and I wasn't about to share it with her. I thought Sam and I had a good thing going...I wanted to eat the rest of that yummy Go-gurt and have my awesome brother hold it for me so my hands wouldn't get cold.

Turns out, Sam had other thoughts about me eating the rest of his Go-gurt.
Needless to say, I was not happy. I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard about it. Mom had to get me my own Go-gurt to calm me down.


S.C.M. said...


Aww that is so cute! I can't wait till my little girl starts acting like that :) I love how you wrote out the post. Too cute!

The Farmer's Wife said...


Could those cheeks be any more kissable?

And Schatzi...that makes me smile!

mandy said...

LOL...I love the first picture. She looks like she's getting ready to pounce! (Which reminds me, I have some Go-Gurts I need to put in the freezer...thanks!)