Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Runner's Log: Two Miles

Last week, Joe emailed me a flier about a local fun run with a 2 mile or 5 mile option. I let it sit in my inbox for awhile and then called Lala at work the day before the run, "Hey, Mom. Let's do a 2 mile fun run tomorrow." Lala, fitness queen that she is, was all in. She even offered to push my heavy daughter in the jogging stroller so I could run faster. I hard could 2 miles be? Well, 2 miles is not too bad. We ran/walked it and did fairly well, in spite of the blowing cold wind. (Andie was snug as a bug in her Trek). We finished in 24:46. I won't name names, but someone kept wanting to walk instead of running, saying, "Oh, Juni, you go on without me. My lungs are burning." I lovingly told Lala, "No. We're in this together. Come on." After the third or fourth time of this loving encouragement, I began to add, "But, you are totally buying me pancakes after this is all done." At the end of the race, Andie was so over being in the stroller and wanted her share of the post-race bananas and water. She was super excited to walk across the finish line with her arms over her head...and then promptly got a faceful of road rash when she faceplanted. Another banana cheered her up, though. We had such a great time, we're doing this again in a few weeks...but FIVE miles next time!

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Rae said...

cute photo of you lovely racers! hope the pancakes were worth it.