Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, April 10, 2011

weekly wisdom: cheap date

Joe & I are all about cheap date-nights-in. Pre-kids, we would think nothing of going to the movies, out to dinner, or catching a local concert once or twice a week.

Now, the calculus goes something like this: "Ok, movie tickets are $9 apiece. Popcorn $8. Baby-sitter $20. Hhhmm...that's the cost of a new pair of shoes. Let's just stay in."

Of course, once in awhile, we beg Lala or Grandma to watch the kids so we can venture out into the real world. (Thanks, you guys. Date night-out are a luxury we often just dreamed about in Idaho Falls). But, for the most part, we've continued our habit of staying in.

Last Saturday, we were doing some last minute grocery shopping and found our local Safeway was having a sale on Washington wines. We snagged a bottle of a 2007 Ste. Michelle cabernet and some fancy cheese and fresh fruit. After the kiddos were in bed, we made a delicious cheese & fruit platter and cozied up to the counter with Lala and Dan for some conversation over wine and cheese. (Dan's watching his cholesterol, so we got some low calorie Laughing Cow cheese for him).And, we had such a good time visiting, we didn't have time to watch the movie we rented, so Joe & I had ANOTHER date-night-in the following night. (We folded all the laundry we own while we watched a movie; it wasn't as fun as the wine night).

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Amanda said...

I love those cheap fix nights too!
On Saturday night Ben wanted to go to the bowling alley on the base and get pizza and do the whole thing. We had been telling him all the time that it was closed. And wouldn't you know it, he remembered me saying it was only closed on Tuesdays!! So, I had the ingredients for home made pizza, we had ovaltine for the kids, pinacolada mix for us adults and we fired up the Wii for a bowling game. Ben had a great time, we didn't need a designated driver cause we didn't even leave the house. And considering the pizzas there are almost 18 bucks a piece, plus the bowling expenses, we had a great time without breaking the bank!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!