Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, May 19, 2011


We continued our Easter celebration the next day by taking Andie & Sam to Easter Sunday Mass. I spent the entire Mass earning my place in Heaven by wrangling Daughter. She was a challenge. She kept trying to throw a tantrum on the altar and even managed to escape once due to her super-slick Easter dress. A long-time family friend was sitting across from us at church and came by at the end to shake her head and say, "You certainly have your hands full."

We ran into a couple of choir members at the grocery store, who commented on Andie's precocious temper tantrum-throwing ability. I bit my tongue and decided just to smile and say, "Yes, she's very advanced for her age."

And, then, we were off to the Kaufmans' for our annual Easter celebration. Lots of good food, fairly nice weather, music, and Easter eggs to hunt (see next post).

Aunt Teenie and Ellea let Andie join their card game.

Hal and Glen, enjoying the nice weather. (It was still snowing on the prairie).

Phil & the PK fan club played some form of stickball with a plastic shovel.

The boys made some music.

Ellea and Ben

Ellea, Loretta, and Wendi snuggle with Ben.

Andie added Nicole to the list of "People Andie Likes".

Terri, John, Nicole and Fred stuff Easter eggs.

Those Kaufman cousins and their matching binkies.

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