Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, May 13, 2011

fair food

After the run, I took the kids and met Joe at Art Under the Elms, where they feature artists and their wares on the greenspace at the local college.

They also feature a bunch of fair food...we already know how I love fair food.

Sam instantly spotted a caramel apple and pleasantly announced THAT was what he would be having for lunch. I remember the allure of caramel apples. I've only had one in my entire life, but I know I begged & begged my parents for one every time I saw one. Then, when they finally gave in and bought one, I found it too sugary and huge to eat the whole thing.

But, I remember how I wanted one SO badly, so I gave in to Sam's request. Six bucks later, we all had a sugary bite of sticky goodness.
After we downed our daily allowance of sugary calories, we stumbled off to have some fun...stay tuned!

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