Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

farmer hats

Last weekend was a Weekend O' Fun. We had a rockin' good time in Spokane at Noah's fifth birthday party (more on that later) and, on Sunday, went to visit my cousin*, Stephanie, and her husband, Chris, on their...FARM! (Well, maybe it was more of a ranch, since they raise sheep and cattle, but we like calling it a farm).

We had a great time holding sheep and petting horses...and then playing with their amazing assortment of farm toys. Just when we thought the day couldn't get any better, Chris gave Sam a wooden sword! (His mother was less than pleased, but Sam was over the moon. It's a good thing we already like Chris).

But more on that later...

...because no farm adventure can really begin until you have your farmer hats on.

Sam has known this for a long time now since all of his farmer uncles always wear farmer hats. And, Andie decided it was high time she had her own hat. Halfway through the adventure, though, she decided she liked Sam's hat better and Sam, being the good big brother he is, was happy to trade her for a little while.

*Joe says I use this term pretty loosely. Stephanie's grandma & my grandpa are cousins, so that makes us...what? 2nd cousins twice removed? See? Isn't saying "cousin" so much easier?


Anonymous said...

What great sharing! Glad you had a FUN time.
Love from Grandma K

Amy said...

What a nice big brother...maybe Sam could give some lessons to our kids. :)

Grumpy said...

Jen -- Technically, if your great-grandparent was brother / sister with Stephanie's great-grandparent, then you and Stephanie are third cousins . . . no "removed" between you and Stephanie.

You are first cousin twice removed with her grandparent (and vice versa). . . second cousins twice removed would be your kids to Stephanie's parent, her kids to your parent . . . your kids are 4th cousins to her kids.

Technically speaking.

Grammy said...

TMI Grumpy