Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, May 09, 2011

Noah's FIFTH birthday party

We celebrated Noah's fifth birthday in style. Team Eddy rented a play center, which contained every kind of fun toy, movie, climbing toy, game that you could imagine. Throw in a bunch of 4-5 year old boys, some cousins, and a Transformer cake and you get a pretty awesome birthday party.

Side note: I can't believe Noah is five. That sort of weirds me out. He's going to be in kindergarten next year. Anyway, I digress.

The party started with all the kids running around like maniacs; it was playing, climbing, chasing, yelling, tumbling chaos. My cousin, Laurel, brought her 3 kids. Clayton is a little older than Noah. Ben is a little younger. And her daughter, Tirzah, is 6 months older than Andie. I thought it would be cute to get a picture of them playing together. Unfortunately, this was the only picture I got without Andie giving Tirzah the stink-eye. She did not want Tirzah touching her toys.

Then, it was time for presents, cake & ice cream. Poor Ninang couldn't cut the cake fast enough.

Here's Andie before cake.
Here's Andie after cake. (Side note: Why so many pictures of Andie? It's not her birthday, after all. Answer: she moves the slowest and is easiest to capture). After cake, we had an army of sticky, frosting covered boys (Maya, the only girl in attendance, managed to eat her cake neatly), whom Kevin smoothly corraled and marched into the bathroom for an assembly-line handwashing session. (That man is the Kid Whisperer).

Aunt Tance and her Friend Dan (what is it with our family dating Dans?) also braved the party and joined the after-party at Team Eddy's house, where we opened more presents, including a gun that shoots hard plastic balls. Team Eddy was so excited we'd bought Noah a gun, they decided they would express their enthusiasm by shooting me in the butt with it. Glory's aim is not so good and she got in a head shot. Ouch! Lesson learned: no more obnoxious birthday presents from Casa Kaufman.

Until next year...mwah ha ha ha ha.

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