Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, May 07, 2011

off in Lala-land

Lala never fails to point out to us that our Daughter is quite advanced and brilliant in all things. Normally, it's the parents who have this rose-colored view of their daughter, but my mother is constantly astonished that we have neglected to exclaim over her/alert the media/have her IQ (which is clearly high off the charts) tested whenever she displays some new feat. I blame it on second-child syndrome. My mother thinks Joe & I are blind.

Lala: Just look at that, Juni! See how smart Andie is.

Me: Mom, I think she's right on track for her developmental age.

Lala: No, no. She's so advanced. Look. I tell her to throw her diaper away and she does it! She even put Sam's socks back in the drawer last night. She knew exactly how to do it.

Joe (mutters): That's because she empties that drawer every single night and I have to get her to put the socks back in every single night.

Lala: Just you watch. She's going to be running the country some day. We should teach her how to fry an egg! Make coffee! Or, better yet, pour her own milk in the middle of the night so we don't have to get up with her.

Me: I've heard worse ideas, I suppose. She's a smart girl and all, but Mom, I think you're being overly dramatic.

Lala (shaking her head): You guys. You know where she gets this from, don't you?

Joe: We know, we know. She gets this from you.

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