Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sam's birthday Part Two: presents and cake

After our Tour of Trucks, we headed home for a BBQ, followed by cake and presents. The kids had hot-dog-and-tater-tot kebabs with ketchup for dipping (don't worry, they had apple slices and spinach, too!) while us grown-ups had burgers and salad.

Then, it was pinata time! One of my coworkers made this pinata and I filled with tons of annoying dollar store toys for the Eddy children to take home to their parents. It took quite a bit of whacking for that thing to bust open, but when it did, everyone scrambled to fill their bags with goodies.

Sam had lots of help opening his presents. He still doesn't understand that whatever the box says, it doesn't necessarily mean that's what his present is. His first present was wrapped in an old Pull-Up box and as he ripped off the paper, he yelled, "Pull-Ups! I got Pull-Ups!". (Amy said, "I've never seen a kid so excited about Pull-Ups." Fortunately, it was a sleeping bag from Andie. We're ready for some camping this summer.)

Next, a box of Huggies, holding a bike helmet and knee pads from Lala.
Then, (drumroll, please), a bike!

The Stroscheins and Mary Kate showed up for the after-party and brought some awesome presents and...(drumroll, please) a trike! Now, Sam has two sets of wheels to ride. What a lucky birthday boy.


lorettapox said...

What a lucky birthday boy! The kabobs, while maybe not so appealing to my tastebuds, are a great idea for kid-friendly fare! And the pinata?! What a crafty co-worker you have!

Amy said...

You Kaufmans sure know how to throw a birthday party....and give my children annoying toys.

It really is a special skill that you, Jen Kaufman, have. I can't even compete. :)

Leah said...

How exciting! A Bike!! How does he do on it? I hear that at their age they have trouble pedaling... seems like he's a natural though. It's a thought for us for Millie's 3rd birthday too.