Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seaport River Run

Since the beginning of time, my mom and her long-time friend, Dawn, have walked the Seaport River Run. They've walked by themselves. They've walked dragging along kids. And, in the last year or two, have walked with grandchildren. This year, Mom, Sam, Andie and I joined Dawn, her two oldest daughters and daughter-in-law, and oldest granddaughter for the 2mile walk. (There is a longer 5mile route, too, but we passed that up). My jogging stroller had a flat, so I decided we would just walk the route with our trusty double stroller.

My plan was foiled by a feisty 2 year old who kept yelling, "Faster, Mom! Faster!". Pushing a regular stroller with 65lbs of kid is much harder than pushing a jogging stroller with the same 65lbs of kid.

Andie fell asleep before we even crossed the starting line. It was a beautiful nap. She napped through all the cheering, yelling, and would have even napped onto the boat ride back across the river, but the ramp was quite bumpy and jolted her awake. Next year, I hope to be in good enough shape to run the 5 mile route while pushing two heavy babies!

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