Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, May 05, 2011


It's lambing season on the prairie and Stephanie thought our kiddos would like to see the lambs. They were adorable!

Chris is the kind of guy that little boys idolize. He's fun, he was driving a riding lawn mower when we first arrived, and he knows a lot of cool stuff...well, he's a lot like Uncle Phil. Sam instantly decided he was way cooler than Sam's parents and followed Chris wherever he went.
Sam got to hold a few different lambs, but liked this lamb in particular. His name is "Number Two" and he was bottle fed for awhile, so he was down with having a two year old snuggle him.

Andie mainly hung with Stephanie, who has made the short list of "People Andie Likes". Poor Stephanie had to lug my 25 lb baby most of the addition to her 6 month pregnant belly! Chris, unfortunately, teased Andie by trying to take her binky and has made the ever-growing list of "People Andie Does NOT Like".But, after some careful observation, Andie decided she'd like to pet the lamb, too, and even sat on a ewe!

Sam was up for some "mutton busting". His face lit up when Chris asked him if he wanted to ride a sheep. I started to get a little nervous when I heard Chris say, "Now, hold on tight. Get some wool in between each of those fingers." Wait a're not just going to turn that sheep loose with my baby on the back, are you?

Chris ran fast, holding onto Sam when the ewe took off, and smoothly caught him when he fell. Sam had a huge grin on his face right after the fact.

Joe: Was that fun?!

Sam: Yeah. (starting to stick his lip out and look down).

Jen: Was it a little bit scary?

Sam: Yeah. A little bit fun. A LOT scary.

So, we put a hold on any more mutton busting for the time being and went to see the cows and calves. Sam wanted Chris to go chase down a calf, but Stephanie, liking her husband and all, put the kibosh on that plan, not wanting her husband trampled by a mad mama cow.

After looking at the calves, we made a visit to the horses, where Chris brought out Joker. Sam got to feed him grass, which was awesome. I wasn't really sure that Joker wanted us to pet him, so I told Andie she could just look at him, but Stephanie saw this wasn't going over well with Daughter. So, she took Andie and they petted Joker together. Stephanie is her new BFF.

We wrapped it all up with a delicious dinner, followed by ice cream, followed by playing with farm toys, followed by Chris gifting Sam a huge wooden sword. The day just got better and better and BETTER!

Sam wants to move in.

We'll be back!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Farm days are great! And sheep and kids go together like PB and J, really. Love the pictures.