Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kaufman cousins

Last Saturday, Steve, Teenie and Ben came over for dinner. Teenie is starting the nursing program, so she'll be down in L-town a lot more often...and we for one are all glad about that! Sam is probably Aunt Teenie's biggest fan and can't get enough of that girl.

After dinner, Steve and Teenie played hide-n-seek and ball with Sam. Andie & Ben watched the craziness. At first, Andie eyed Ben with suspicion, but soon found she had an ally.
Ben thought sitting in a real chair was pretty awesome.

They both thought the DVD remotes were fascinating, although Andie is pretty sure it's a phone and "talks" on it all the time.

There aren't very many pictures of Sam because he turns into a crazy man when Aunt Teenie is around. We couldn't get him to sit still long enough to capture any of his zany ways on camera.

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