Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, June 06, 2011

Shack Attack

We've decided to make camping a family priority, so after a few trial camp-outs in the living room, Joe thought he would make sure Sam was really, truly ready to go camping.

The final test? A campout at the Shack with his Uncles and Dad.

The Shack is a little bunkhouse the Kaufmans built on their farm. It sits away from the house for that air of adventure, but is just a short 6x6 ride away from Grandma if the camping gets too rough. It's a manly place, with a dart board, four fold out bunks, a wood stove, and a special table built by Uncle Phil.

Gosh, I can feel the testosterone already.
Sam calls it "the SHACK!". Even in normal conversation. It's not "the shack" or even "the SHACK". It's "the SHACK!"
Needless to say, Sam had a great time. He woke up in the night, saying he had to go potty, but when Joe took him outside, Sam felt it was too cold to pee outside after all. Then, he snuggled into Joe's sleeping bag to warm up. So, Joe didn't get much sleep, but Sam had a great time.

So great, in fact, that we decided to take the whole family camping the following weekend. Stay tuned!


Steve K. said...

I LOVE "the SHACK!" too Sam! Glad the boys could get out there...

ChristinaLynn said...

so fun! we should have a girls retreat to the shack one of these days.

p.s. Phil's table is pretty impressive, with it's dual purpose and all...