Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, June 18, 2011

when the circus comes to town

The Poxleitners called and informed us the Shrine Circus was in town. Would we like to go with them? Well, yes. Yes, we would.

I'd never actually been to a circus, so I was as excited as Sam and Andie were. (Well, Andie wasn't really that excited. Not until she had her first bite of cotton candy--that really got her in the circus spirit.)

There were tigers, bears, and motorcycles IN A CAGE! Sam spent most of the show looking like this:

Andie was a little less enthralled. "Uh, this is getting old. I'm gonna need some more cotton candy."

This is a picture of a man with a fire-y stick in his mouth. They also juggled KNIVES. They stood on towers of chairs. I had visions of Sam trying these new stunts at home and breaking limbs in new, exciting ways. The circus gave me frequent opportunities to say, "Does that look like a good idea, Sam? No, I didn't think so either."

Joe and I were pretty impressed by this married couple on the "chiffon". I was thinking, "What would it be like to tour with a circus when you are married?" when Joe leaned over and whispered, "That thing is like a Moby wrap on crack!".

To top it all off, we rode an elephant. At ten bucks a pop, it was a pricey little adventure, but Sam loved it. During the second half of the show, he repeatedly whispered in my air that he would like an elephant for his next birthday. I told him we'd talk about it.

Thanks for the fun time, Poxleitners. Let's make this an annual event!

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Amy said...

At first I thought this post my be referencing the Co-op Kids and the circus we all are when we are together. :)

What a fun way to spend the day.

Uncle Kevin and I will start browsing the internets for available elephants.