Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kaufman cousins

Teenie's been taking some evening classes and Steve's been farming, so we've had a third Kaufman kid at our house once a week for the last few weeks. It's this happy guy:

Sam & Andie LOVE Ben. (Andie even said Ben's name before she said Sam's name). And, we love hanging out with our happy nephew. After a few minutes of being shell-shocked with the chaos that is Casa Kaufman, he added his voice to the din and never looked back. It's heartwarming to have him get more familiar with his aunt and uncle and snuggle in for smooches and hugs at bedtime.

Ben and Andie are playing together more and Andie even shares her mama's lap with Ben...occasionally.

The best part is the Palouse Kaufmans think we are doing them a, not only do we get to spend the evening with Ben, they bring us Starbucks, too.


Why are they all shirtless? I had the brilliant idea of feeding them beets, which has the same stain-potential as grape juice. Being a relatively new beet-eater myself, I had no idea. Also, here are some words of wisdom for other new beet-eaters out there: don't freak out if you see red poop the day after eating beets. Ok...I'm done.


Steve K. said...

You ARE doing us a favor. Gives us a good excuse to catch up with you Lewiston Kaufmans more too!

Tiffiny said...

Um, Ben and my Ellie could be TWINS. I swear! He's so cute!