Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

stuff my kid says

Sam and I were swimming in the pool at my mom's gym. Sam's a little nervous about swimming by himself, despite wearing a life jacket, so I have to hang onto him and swim at the same time. We were both hanging on a pool noodle, pretending it was our "pirate ship", when I look back and find out that Sam's no longer kicking his legs.

Me: Hey! You're supposed to kick your legs, too. We're the boat motor. It doesn't go if we don't kick it.

Sam: Oh. Okay, Mom. (starts kicking).

Me: Sam, don't bend your knees so much. You have to point your toes. Look at Mom's legs.

Sam kicks again, like he's peddling a bike.

Me: Straight legs. Straight legs. Why are you bending your knees?

Sam: That's how God made them.


Grumpy said...

Like you said last time, smart kid.

Kaelene Reel said...

How do you argue with that? :)