Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, August 13, 2011

a camping story

We've been having so much fun camping this summer that, one afternoon, Sam decided we should camp in our living room. Sam was the Daddy, Andie was the Mama, I was Papa, and Lola Oyang was the Grandma.

Lola played the part well, all bundled up. She's never really acclimated to the "cold" weather of the States since she moved from the Philippines. We had the AC at 75 degrees and it was still too cold for her tropically-born body.

"We're camping. These are my babies. This one [the big one] her name is Andie Kaufman Samuel. This one--her name is Other Andie. We're going camping. My babies are sleeping."
Andie put on her camping coat, even though it was 95 degrees F outside, and rocked her baby to sleep and gave it a bottle.

Then, while Sam was sleeping... ...she kidnapped Other Andie. Oh, man! The poop hit the fan!

After the custody dispute was resolved, Sam safely tucked Other Andie next to him. Unfortunately, Other Andie takes after her namesake and wouldn't stop crying, so Daddy Sam had to read her a book to get her to go to sleep.

After that, the story fell apart and we somehow ended up on a boat, fighting sharks and pirates (one of whom was real Andie) with pillow cannon balls.

The end.


Amy said...

Sounds like your typical camping trip.

Grumpy said...

Greatest camping trip ever, on a boat, fighting pirates and sharks !