Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, August 13, 2011

camping with Uncle Brandon (part one of...many)

Camping trip #3 found us near Laird Park. Near because Laird Park doesn't take reservations and, well, who knew it would be such a popular place on your average July weekend? Brandon joined us for the weekend. We kicked off the weekend by checking out the Laird Park playground and swimming area. Since we weren't really suited up to swim, we headed off for a hike in the nearby woods. Sam picked up stick after stick after stick, handing them to Brandon and me with a sense of purpose. (Joe watched Andie at the playground, which started as an idea of convenience, but turned out to be pure genius after the hikers returned covered in bug bites).

Uncle B used to be an entomology major and pointed out the local insect life. This is a spit bug, both disgusting and fascinating. It lays its eggs inside these spit bubbles. Gross...yet fascinating.

Sam and B took a walk on a log, after whacking it with some sticks.

About fifty bug bites later, I was ready to head back, so we hiked back down the trail. Brandon talked Sam into parting with his many, many beloved sticks, by showing him how cool it was to toss them below the dam. Then we reunited with Joe and Andie at the playground.

Sam and I played soccer with a ball we'd brought until he found an abandoned dump truck at the beach. After that, we headed back to our campground (Great White Pine) for dinner.

Stay tuned...

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