Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

camping (yes, it continues)

Uncle B, who understands the hearts' desires of all small children, brought glow sticks for our evening nature walk. (We believe in walking the legs off small children while camping; it helps them sleep at night). On our boring old nature walk, we were... ...SUDDENLY AMBUSHED BY NINJAS! Glory was the only Co-op Kid who managed to destroy her glow stick. Apparently, she's a pro at this, since she previously destroyed one on an earlier summer vacation. She explained to me, quite sweetly, "Ninang, first you have to bend it like this." The next step, a bit of a mystery, involved sticking it in her pants...but who am I to question a master? Serious Kate. A few minutes after this shot was taken, she was ambushed by the ninjas who roped her into their sword fight.

And, messy, messy Andie. She was a ball of dirt, snot, and boogers the entire weekend...and she loved every minute of it!

Here's my favorite sister in the world, who is a kick-in-the pants, even when she's throwing up.

Fortunately, that night, everyone slept fairly well, which makes us all happy campers.


Laura said...

Fun times! Miss you guys!

lorettapox said...

Glow sticks. Nice touch. They are especially fun, when it's completely dark....... But I'm all about reasonable bed times, so dusk is good too!