Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Between the stage of having a baby baldspot and the stage of having wild toddler hair, I felt a great sense of mastery in the art of doing my daughter's hair. After a ridiculous amount of practice, I perfected the art of slapping a bow on her sweet head with KY jelly. She was a beautiful (albeit bad-sleepin') baby.

Then, all of a sudden, her hair grew. It grew and it grew and it grew. It grew until it was wild toddler hair. She pulled out all clips, hair elastics, headbands of any sort. Her hair could not be tamed. I became a slacker mom when it came to Andie's hair. Joe would say, "Shouldn't we at least brush it?" I'd shrug my shoulders and say, "Why bother?"

Amy would shake her head at the sight of Andie's unruly mop and admonish me to try harder.

I got her bangs cut in the attempt to keep the hair out of her eyes. It helped...a little.

Last week, we traveled to Seattle to celebrate my great aunt's jubilee. Being a now part-time working woman, I headed over a few days early to see the Gemmers. When Darin heard about my Andie hair issues (I believe my exact words were, "No matter what I do, she pulls her hair out and it's a mess, so why bother?"), he took it as a personal challenge to tame her hair.

So, while I was showering one morning, he sat Andie in front of the TV and a fair bit of crying later, he'd produced the cutest pigtails I'd ever seen.

They stayed in all day, even through nap time.

I'm impressed.

Darin Gemmer, you have given me hope.


Deanna said...

Love these pictures and this post! Those pigtails really are cute: perfect amount of curl. Have you attempted them again? The secret really is the spray bottle. And the tears subside eventually. My girls are pretty used to the hair ritual by now, as are Amy's I'm sure.

Thanks for the visit! So nice to see you guys here in my home!

ChristinaLynn said...

love it! maybe we could do that to tame ben's wild mop too? hmmm....maybe not. i guess a haircut is in our future.

Dick & Jackie Driver said...

That's our son-in-law! Andie does look awfully cute!

Rae said...

i have barely been able to 'tame' emmas hair every now and then...what's the spray bottle secret? most of the time I am lucky if the pig or pony tail stays in for more than 30 minutes! also, what's the best hair thing-a-majig to use? I've tried a variety without any clear winners.