Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seattle saga: The Princess and the Pirate

Ever since we went camping with the Gemmers, Sam has been asking about his "cousin Daisy" intermittently. I think he thinks all young children outside of daycare are his cousins, which just proves he is part Filipino when it comes to defining family. Anyway, I digress...

Sam and Daisy played beautifully together, even though they had to compromise to find play that suited both genders. It meant Sam played with a tea set one afternoon and Daisy was constantly subjected to "arresting bad guys"--Sam's latest game.

At the park, Daisy wanted the play equipment to be a castle, where she--a royal princess--dwelt. Sam wanted it to be a pirate ship. After a minimal amount of whining and complaining, they settled on a game: Sam would be the pirate and rescue Daisy, the princess. Both were happy. The game lasted awhile and we eventually went down to explore the beach...

...where Daisy picked up a sword and became a pirate herself.

Check out that pirate "Aarrgh!"!

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