Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Co-op Kid weekend

All, right, so I uploaded a new version of blogger and can't figure out how to move pictures around, so bear with me.
Amy, Mom, and me at Tomato Brothers for a late night dinner to celebrate our birthday. Mom surprised us with a set of earrings each. The earrings were unique settings that suited each of us perfectly.
My friend, Darin Gemmer, taught me how to make "eggs in a frame", which is a fried egg in a piece of toast. I thought I'd improve on the idea by making bird-shaped toast for the kids (thanks to a cookie cutter) and making bird-shaped eggs in a frame for the adults. Delicious...and cute.
On Labor Day weekend, Team Eddy and Joe and I decided to share in some Co-op babysitting so each of us couples could get a much-needed date-night. Team Eddy came down Friday for a quick Jen-and-Amy birthday celebration. Saturday, they took off for the Gorge to see DAve Matthews while Joe, Mom and I watched the kids. They returned Sunday and Joe and I took off for an overnight trip to Moscow for some shopping and chicken wings at the Coeur d'Alene Brew Pub (every bit as good as I remember from Joe's grad school days). Monday morning, we returned to eat cupcakes--made by the Co-op Kids--to cap off our 30th birthday weekend.
Andie, Kate and Glory took turns fighting over this rocking horse. Andie and Glory took turns fighting over the binky.

Noah and Sam in a rare moment of cousinly-bonding over TV watching.

Kate hugging Doc. She loves all the dogs.

The four big kids watching TV. No, they didn't watch TV ALL weekend. Joe took the boys farming Saturday morning and Mom & I took the girls to the park. Sunday, we survived celebrating Mass by taking the kids to McDonald's for an hour of playtime, apple dippers, and chocolate milk.

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