Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Seattle saga: Jump-a-roo-ski

Don't worry, dear readers. We are now in the denouement.

Sunday morning was filled with packing, loading cars, and checking out. In an effort to entertain 5 small children amidst this chaos, I invented a fun game called "Jump-a-roo-ski".

If you've ever been under ten and stayed at a hotel with another kid, you already know how to play this game.

You all hop on one bed and take turns jumping to the other. (To play Advanced Jump-a-roo-ski, you all jump at the same time, alternating beds. You lose points if you collide in mid air. You also can break arms that way, I suspect).

Every time you jump, you have to yell, "Jump-a-roo-ski!" (Ok, so maybe you didn't know that part of the game).


"Jump-a-roo ski!"

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