Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, September 29, 2011

stuff my kid says

The day of Papa's funeral, I hustled all the Middles outside to run out some energy before having to sit quietly through the funeral. Never one to miss an opportunity to multitask, I began scooping dog poop (with 3 dogs, this is a never-ending chore). Kate and Glory started following me around, eagerly pointing out poop piles. Miss Andie joined in, although she missed the important point that we DON'T TOUCH POOP, we only POINT at poop. (There is nothing like seeing your daughter's sweet, chubby fingers wrapped around dog poop to make you want to vomit).

After some emergency handwashing and reestablishment of poop-pointing protocol, we were back in business.
Kate: Here's poop, Ninang!
Glory: I see it, too!
Kate: Good job, Glory. Good eye!
Andie: Anuddah one! Anuddah one! (That's Andie for "another one").
As I start to scoop the pile, Glory chimes in: Aww. It's such a cute little poop. (cooing) Cute little poop. Cute little poop.

Now there's an adjective I've never used to describe poop.


Amy said...

Me either. Although we have had had *other* adjectives for poop: hammer poop, fire truck poop, race car poop.

mandy said...

LOL...I'm glad to read this, because Anna does the exact same thing. She's also fond of telling us if we happened to miss a poop, but I swear she has poop-dar. I can't say I've ever considered the cute factor of poop, I guess I'll have to keep an eye out next time. ;o)