Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, September 16, 2011

why you should invest in a handheld mirror

Whenever I'm in Spokane, I take advantage of having Tancie, hairstylist to the stars, as a sisin and get a trim. So, a few weeks ago, I sat in the Eddys' garage on a folding chair, gracefully draped in a cape, looking out over the Eddys' backyard while Tancie worked her magic scissors. Kevin and his dad, Loren, were slaving away in the crazy heat, burying an electric line and demolishing a decrepit gazebo.

 At one point, Kevin bent over and I saw that the top of his head, where he's getting a bit of a bald spot, was lobster red.

"Hey, Kev-o. Your head's pretty pink. I think you need to put some sunscreen on it."

So, Kevin ambles inside and comes out a few minutes later with his face slathered white with sunscreen. Not so much as a drop of sunscreen, though, has been applied to his red, red bald spot. I point this out to Tancie and she whispers back, "Uh-oh."

I holler, "Hey, Kev-o! You forgot your bald spot! You need to put some sunscreen on your bald spot!"

Kevin freezes. He looks at me. He looks back at his dad. He looks at me. "What did you say?"

Me: "You are really, really sunburned on your BALD SPOT!"

Kevin (shocked and wide eyed): "I have a BALD SPOT?!?"

Oops. Sorry to break it to you like that.

He walks back into the house, muttering under his breath, perhaps even mumbling a few naughty words, and seeing Joe, mutters, "You know, I just love your wife. Just love her."

Is it my fault that I'm the first to point out the guy's hair is thinning? Amy pleaded innocence, saying she was too short to really look at the top of her husband's head.

And, that is why you should invest in a handheld mirror.

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Auntie Lon aka Laura Carpino said...

Grumpy says "I wad there .... It wad funny."