Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, October 09, 2011

coffee with the Waldon women

Friday morning found us in Moscow, picking up one of Joe's shotguns from a local gunsmith, so we decided to swing by Palouse and visit the Palouse Kaufmans. Christina's mom and sister, Beth, were visiting and, if you haven't had coffee with this group of Waldon women, you are missing out. They are self-professed "over-sharers", which leads to animatedly-told stories, hilarious laughter, and mildly raucous behavior.

I'm told it gets worse when they break out the wine and board games, but I haven't witnessed that myself yet.

Teenie, true to form, had baked pumpkin cookies and her Grandma Waldon's banana bread, so we plopped ourselves down, drank coffee, and stuffed goodies in our mouths while enjoying the back-and-forth between sisters, mom and daughter.
Then, the babies woke up.

Clara, Beth and Curtis' angel baby who slept through the night since she was 3 months old (not that I'm jealous, although I did send Andie to talk to Clara and get some tips) woke up first. She's a cute smiley chatterbox whose trim physique doesn't quite match her chunky cousin (although Ben, of course, matches HIS chunky cousin quite nicely. It's been awhile since we've seen Ben and found that he and Andie are exactly the same size).

Andie and Clara enjoyed crawling through the coffee table and working on their matching purple binkies. Well, Clara is still in that delightfully immobile stage, so she sat there and smiled through the glass top.
Ben was too busy dancing and hamming it up. I couldn't catch a picture of all three of them, so this is the only picture I got of Ben.

A "quick visit" turned into two hours and we decided we'd better hit the road. Andie had so much fun she was asleep as soon as her carseat was buckled, so Joe and I had a peaceful ride home, listening to NPR and chowing down on A&W fries and fry sauce. (Just so you know, we count that sort of thing as a date. That's what happens when you have small children).

A shiny new (looking) gun, a great visit with the Waldon women, and a date with fries and fry sauce...what a day!

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Anonymous said...

The Waldon women really enjoyed seeing you guys too! BTW, our over-sharing doesn't get "worse" with wine & board gets "better."