Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, October 24, 2011

combine demolition derby

What? You are looking at the title of this post and shaking your head...does that mean you've never been to a combine demolition derby? Seriously? Doesn't everyone go to these things?

Well, I guess not everyone goes. Despite being an Idaho native, I attended my very first combine demolition derby last month. Steve & Phil had donated an old combine to the cause and we all showed up in force to cheer #13 on. (If these still photos bore you, trying checking out this video clip from a few years back).
Uncle Jeff and Sam. See how Sam can't look at the camera? He's too busy ogling the combines.

Loretta, Ellea, and Andie. They think Andie doesn't like them. Well, Andie doesn't really like anybody. But, she's sitting on Ellea's lap, pointing out a "com-bine" (sometimes a "bine-com"), so I'd say she DOES like them.

Another plus of the combine demo derby: FAIR FOOD. Greasy burgers, elephant ears, etc. Here's Sam chowing down on Grandma's burger.

Look, Ma, no kids! My ten minutes of Andie-free time were spent chugging a beer and sitting by my husband. It was like a date.

All the little combines in a pretty row.

Ellea and Andie again.

Lucky number 13

Lucky number 13 broke this brown combine's axle. Whoo hoo!

Kauf-MEN: Joe, Fred, Sam, and Phil

During a break, Sam, Morgan, Phil and Papa pretended to be T-rexes with "little arms". It's way funnier than it sounds.
The combines faced off in several small groups, with each heat producing a winner to compete in the finals. It made for a long afternoon, during which Sam was entertained by his multiple male relatives, and (Mommy-Klingon) Andie sat squarely in my lap, being a no-nap grump, for about 90% of the afternoon. We didn't make it to the final that time, Andie was in no-nap meltdown.

Sam, though, had a fabulous time. He continually talks about combines crashing into each other and we play combine-demolition-derby on our living room floor with whatever toy tractors and trucks tend to be around. He clearly remembers that #13 took the Brown Combine out of the running by breaking its rear axle, so that's his favorite move. "Uh-oh. Looks like I broke your axle, Mom."

Joe, of course, was thrilled. He was riveted by the action and tried to get closer to the action whenever he had a chance. We'll probably all try it again next year...provided we can get Andie a good long nap somewhere in there.


ChristinaLynn said...

we'll tag along next year! what Kaufman toddler could resist?!

Grumpy said...

CDD in Lind (10 miles So. of Ritzville) in June, I believe . . .

Grumpy said...


Combine Demolition Derby
SATURDAY, June 9, 2012 - 3:00 p.m.'sweekend.html

PLUS soap-box derby for the kids:

meinou said...

:-) Nice! I really enjoyed "my" combine demolition derby