Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Andie is in that ever-so-fun stage where her desire for independence exceeds her actual skill level, particularly with putting on her socks and shoes. She will give you the stink-eye and shout, "No-no-no!" if you attempt to place them on her feet.
But, two seconds later, she is giving you the stink-eye and shouting, "Help, please! Help, please!"

You just can't win.
And then her shoes end up on the wrong feet.


Deanna said...

It doesn't get better for a while in the shoe department! Dani insists on doing it herself, so much so that if I get a hold of her and put a shoe on she'll pull it back off in order to do it herself!

I am constantly amazed at how different this kiddo is from her sister, despite how much they look alike. Daisy would be happy if we did everything for her!

Rae said...

Shoe drama, boy can I relate. Emma loooves the new shoes she recently got (finally hit size 4) and does not want to take them off...

fortunately she is still letting mama put them on sometimes, or at least patient enough to allow my help when she's frustrated.

mandy said...

The shoes on the wrong feet are super cute though, you have to admit. I felt a little better about letting that go when I saw that most of the kids in Anna's preschool class proudly wear their shoes (that they put on themselves, of course!)...on the wrong feet. Proof, I hope, that it won't actually do any damage. ;o)