Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, October 20, 2011

lazy blogger-itis

Miss Independent, practicing her post-bath lotioning skills. Yep, it's as messy as it looks.

Joe and Sam putting together a cardboard Batman

Guess what Sam is going to be for Halloween? He's just bummed I wouldn't buy him the overpriced plastic sword. I'm pretty sure I could make one out of cardboard that won't give his sister a black eye and won't cost thirty bucks.

Little Mama. Andie and Sam met Mandi & Jerry's new baby, Peyton, when she was one day old. Both got to hold her and since then, Andie's been rocking her dollies and singing to them. Sam keeps reminding us that we need another baby.

Ah. Watching Backyardigans. TV--the great peacemaker.
A girl and her ever-present binky watching the combine demolition derby. This was the first time she ever said, "Combine!". Later, she got it confused and said, "Bine-com!" Close enough.

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Team Eddy said...

tell sam you can just borrow our baby when it's born. then, when it refuses to sleep at odd hours in the middle of the night, you can laugh yourself back to sleep as your sister and I wake up...